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Accurate Estate Appraisal in West Lebanon, NH 

Perhaps, your parents have left you their estate. It consists of inheritance with various assorted items from collectibles to furniture to jewelry and clothing. You have no idea what all of this is worth. This is why you need an expert for estate appraisal in West Lebanon, NH.

Don't just sell it at a garage sale — at least until you have an assessment from qualified appraisers. Experience is of the utmost importance during the appraisal process. If most of these items are new, the research into value takes a great deal of time, mostly into secondary and auction markets. This takes more time and needs more experience than for another type of appraisal. For an accurate assessment, count on Pearce Appraisers.

We are a husband-and-wife company with more than 50 years of experience in this business. We assess the items and let you know their Fair Market Value. We think of this as the price a willing buyer would pay.

Appraising Jewelry

Your grandmother's favorite necklace may be worth more than you think. You already know its sentimental value. Now, it's time to find out its Fair Market Value. Turn to Pearce Appraisers for jewelry appraisal services. We put our skill, knowledge, and experience to the test for newer as well as antique jewelry appraisal.

Insurance Replacement & Gemstone Appraisals

We base our charges on how much time it takes to make an appraisal. We work quickly, but this is a time-consuming process that includes note and picture-taking. Generally, the total fee is double the time necessary for photos and notes.

When you want a group of items assessed, the appraisal takes more time, for the most part, about 4 hours at $600. We devote more time to jewelry — especially vintage and pieces bought overseas as it can be difficult to determine the appropriate value. 

Count on us to give you a firm estimate with a retainer fee due when we provide that estimate.

Standard Hourly Fee — $150
Appraisal Includes — Value, Weight, Size, & Contributing Values
Your Document Includes — All Limiting Conditions & Expiration Date
Detailed Report Includes — Provenance, Physical Conditions, & Other Contributions to Value

Estate, Equal Division for & Donation

We base our charges on how much time it takes to make an appraisal. We use our standard hourly fee and add in the time it takes to make notes and take pictures. Multiply this by an increased time for notes and pictures, and the amount is 2.4 to 3.5 higher. Outside labs, shipping fees, and insurance add to the cost. We pass along those charges and add 10 percent.

The final appraisal shows the value factors of the item's current condition. For the most part, these items are second-hand, which reflects in the secondary market value. To determine the item's tax-deductible value for donation, we research the prevailing market.

Expert Witness Fees

We are available to serve as your expert witness in court. Please sign our agreement and pay $500 in advance as a retainer. The time it takes to provide this service, including court time, costs $250 per hour with transportation charges. This applies to distances more than 15 miles or more from our office.