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About Our Jewelry and Estate Appraisal in West Lebanon, NH  

Jewelry value is not easily determined by the untrained observer. An item that someone might think has a very high worth might actually turn out to be an average piece with limited merit. The only way to determine the true assessment is by having it examined by a professional. At Pearce Appraisers, we have a great deal of experience and are known as the company to choose for jewelry and estate appraisal in West Lebanon, NH.


We provide much more than an educated guess as to the significance of your jewelry. Thanks to our education, training, and wealth of experience, we offer a reasoned, objective, comprehensive, an accurate picture of the value. We draw upon our decades of practical work in the field, along with our skills in valuation science to take care of valuations and estate work.


If you haven’t had your jewelry appraised in some time, it’s a good item to have it done again, as the value can change dramatically over time. We will provide you a precise picture of the worth of your individual pieces and collection. This step is very useful for insurance evaluations.


As part of our services, we also offer gemstone identification. This is very helpful when appraising the value of jewelry that contains gems. When we have completed an appraisal, we provide detailed documentation, so you have recognized paperwork to back up the value of your heirlooms and modern pieces alike.


Contact us to learn more about how we will appraise your jewelry. We are proud to serve clients in West Lebanon, NH, and the surrounding area.